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Order Execution, Market Data Management and Analytics's

Complete back end trading enterprise


Stand alone , FIX compliant

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The enterprise comes complete with source code for the front end client. You can brand it as your own and extend the repository to your customers so they in turn can develop their own trading or analytical panels. Connects to the MARX back end enterprise to implement sophisticated order handling routines and algorithms, market data aggregation and quote stream publishing.

Download the MARX Client Programming Guide


Anyone needing complete control over their quotes, aggregating liquidity and invoking complex order routing.

Hedge Funds / Managers / Individuals

We make it possible for you to emulate an exchange environment.

You can:

  • maintain a “book” of orders that is opaque to your liquidity provider;

  • emulate limits, stops, trailing stops;

  • handle complex conditional orders, applying additional rules to the execution component of the order life cycle such as triggers and OCO’s.

Introducing Brokers

Whether you are independent or guaranteed, we make it easy for you to deliver value-added services at relatively low cost. All system capabilities are available on-demand, staying out of the way but giving plenty of room for growth while keeping your IT startup costs low.

Liquidity Providers

We offer a low-latency matching engine that can be customized to meet any provider’s needs. Support all standard order types, and develop your own custom order types. Manage markets and liquidity pools/books, and access detailed balance sheet and income statement data for your business.




Matching Engine / Straight Through Processing

Can be deployed as a stand-alone order matching application, or used as an embedded element of the OMS. Handles Multiple Order Types such as MARKET, LIMIT, STOP, STOP_LIMIT, and STOP or LIMIT orders with SL and/or TP conditional legs. Instrument agnostic means your engine can handle any tradable instruments.

Emulation Mode

Match against an incoming quote stream and issue a new order rather than simply providing match executions, allowing emulation of order types not supported by providers (e.g., a STOP can be provided by internally triggering against a quote and issuing a MARKET order to the underlying provider).Sub-millisecond matching time using a price/time/ID algorithm to ensure fair matching. Matching is fully multi-threaded and can be divided between machines by handling different instruments on separate machines.

Market Data

Matching engine generates an event stream which the Feed Handler can use to distribute level 1 (best bid/offer) and level 2 (depth of book) market data updates.

Multiple APIs

In stand-alone operation, orders can be added to the book via FIX 4.4, or as JMS messages containing appropriate order objects. As an OMS component, the full range of APIs (FIX, SOAP, JSON over REST) are available.

MT4 Liquidity Bridge

The MARX Liquidity Bridge is the only technology that will export your MT resting orders to your STP provider or your internal Order book. Perfect for seamless interfacing with your provider in market making operations. The MARX bridge routes by Security Group and exists happily with other bridges and plugins.


MARX is a turn key brokerage facility. Extending pricefeed delivery, analytic’s and order management capabilities to proprietary traders, individual speculators and market making firms.

A complete vertical chain relating to the brokerage enterprise. Web Services, Market Data Management, Order Management, Execution Management and  Analytics. A complete line of Metatrader plugins, including bridges, feeders and asset management tools.

Small , medium and large brokerages will find the system adaptable to their business models using our module architecture. As your firm grows, you can incrementally expose sophisticated functionality.




The MARX system can install in just a few minutes. A modularized system, giving you the utmost flexibility when configuring your work and deal flows.

MARX not only saves you money, but also exposes new income streams without any further investment. MARX was designed over several years yet remains flexible to emerging markets and fresh ideas.

A complete back end UI interface for building White Labels, Markets and Instruments, Routes, Grey Labels, Destinations and Gateways.

Take advantage of a progressive approach to distributed computing and shared resources, reducing IT costs and speeding delivery of services to your clients.

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